The Essentials 30ml by Beard Vape Co & Craft Vapery

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Beard Vape Co / Craft Vapery – Essentials E Liquid 30ml

A calculated collaboration between Beard Vape Co. and Craft Vapery, The Essentials marries the legendary e-liquid artistry of Beard with the famed expert flavor curation of Craft. We united to identify indispensable flavors that are absent from vaping and could be enjoyed all day, every day, and collaboratively formulated these new favorites to exceed even our own impeccable standards.

The Essentials — all day, every day.

Essentials – Morning E Liquid

An innovative doughnut-croissant hybrid delicately drizzled with a light lemon glaze and sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, Morning by The Essentials is the sweetest way to start a sunny day.

Morning E Liquid is a lemon drizzled donut croissant. Fresh notes of lemon drizzled over a glazed donut, stuffed in a croissant all in one beautifully crafted pastry vape. Perfect for the morning, the inhale is lively with citrus-y lemon. Sealing the deal, a sweet glazed donut mixed with a buttery, flaky croissant to create the ultimate dessert e liquid.

Essentials – Afternoon E Liquid

Cane sugar, mint, and lime dissolve into icy rum to create Afternoon, a classic Mojito concoction by The Essentials designed to keep you soothed and refreshed all the way to sunset.

Afternoon E Liquid is their rendition of a classic mojito. Fresh mint notes in every vape with touches of sugar, lime and rum. A beautifully crafted drink vape for your afternoon chill-out, the Afternoon E Liquid is your perfect getaway e liquid. The inhale features sweet notes of mint, with a light dab of lime juice and lemon zest to spritz up your vape. The exhale of the Afternoon E Liquid calms it down with a nicely tart and sweet sugary flavor with a light touch of rum to keep you going.

Essentials – Night E Liquid

Experience the decadence of a freshly baked and frosted red velvet cupcake with Night by The Essentials, your guiding light through the darkest hours.

Night E Liquid is their take on a beautifully baked red velvet cupcake. Beautiful notes of chocolate with buttermilk and a cherry topping coats your tongue with sugary goodness. The inhale of the Night E Liquid begins with smooth notes of light cocoa and chocolate, resonating a symphony in your mouth. The exhale is smooth and refined, with light notes of cherry and a crescendo of cocoa flavors to seal the deal.

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