Marina Vape Juices 30ml (Bulk Discounts)

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Marina Vape Juices 30ml (Quantity Discounts)

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Founded in Southern California in the summer of 2013, Marina Vape's name has quickly become synonymous with high quality, well-crafted e-liquid flavors. Marina Vape started out as a DIY operation for the same reason as many other E-Juice companies… because there just weren't enough existing flavors the founders truly enjoyed. They wanted to continue vaping, but could not settle on any flavors that truly enticed their palate's. After finding success in crafting their own, high-quality flavors, and receiving extraordinary feedback from friends and family, Marina Vape was born.

Marina Vape has rapidly become one of the most popular fruit-centric juice brands available today. They combine bold, unusual flavor combinations, complex blends with hidden flavor notes, and extreme attention to detail to create a line of unique, sometimes curious, and always delicious flavors.

Marina Vape Brands:


Donuts E-Juice

Donuts E-Juice is the staple of all donut flavored vape juices on the market. We were the beginning of a hyped donut craze that has only flourished since! The line includes 3 delicious renditions of everyone’s favorite local donut shops! Strawberry frosted glazed donut, fruity pebbles topped glazed donut, and blueberry frosted glazed donut, all dunked in an ice-cold glass of fresh milk! A mouthwatering treat for anyone! If you know your donuts, you know Donuts E-juice is the best on the market!


Marshmallow Man E-Juice

From the makers of Donuts E-Juice comes Marshmallow Man E-Juice! The latest, hottest craze in the industry! A deliciously sweet desert vape comprised of just big ol’ fluffy MARSHMALLOWS! That’s right… Sweet, Creamy, & Fluffy!


Honey Bear E-Juice

Honey Bear E-Juice is a crowd pleaser for sure. Take your favorite childhood teddy bear graham crackers and drizzle them in sweet, California grown, honey! The Honey Bear himself tends to make a grand entrance into any crowd and steal the show! Honey Bear E-Juice… DOPE right!?


Milkshake Man E-Liquid

Strawberry Milkshake Man E-Juice, from the makers of Donuts E-Juice, is a delicious combination of fresh strawberries, blended with ice cream and cold milk to make the perfect strawberry milkshake. Topped off with a classic whipped cream topping!

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