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How to Open a Vapor Shop

open a vapor store

Vapor Shops are one of the most profitable and fastest growing trends in the USA retail business market today. Most people are introduced to electronic cigarettes by what we commonly refer to as “gas stations brands”. These are the low cost disposables, and 2-piece units you may find at your local C-Store or gas station. While these are effective, in the long run most consumers tend switch over to refillable and customizeable units you can only currently  find in specialty vapor shops,  with the most popular being  eGo’s and Clearomizer units.

This is one way that the average business can compete with the big name Tobacco companies who are planning on releasing their own eCig brands. Big Tobacco has no infiltration in the Specialty Vapor Shops and their growth over the next few years will be astounding! If you currently have little or no vapor shops in your area, the opportunity is golden for you to open your own!

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