Dinner Lady Summer Holidays 60ML

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Black Orange Crush
This extremely innovative e-juice combines refreshing orange flavor with sweet black currants and a powerful hit of cold menthol. When you inhale this e-juice, bright and cheery orange flavor refreshes the palate as sugary black currant flavor delights the sweet tooth. On the exhale, a blast of menthol calms things down.

Cola Shades
Cola Shades tastes exactly like your favorite sweet cola beverage served with a slice of fresh lemon and a side of icy menthol. Each inhale delivers satisfying sweetness to the taste buds thanks to that yummy cola flavor. On the exhale, bright lemon mixes with cool menthol to refresh you unlike anything else.

Flip Flop Lychee
Flip Flop Lychee delivers exotic and refreshing fruit flavor with each puff. On the inhale, sugary and tangy lychee flavor sends your mind to a tropical island. Then, yummy citrus fruits brighten things up. On the exhale, a cold menthol bath refreshes you beyond belief.

Strawberry Bikini
With each inhale of Strawberry Bikini, tangy and sweet strawberries hit the tongue while a refreshing lemonade bath satisfies the taste buds. With each exhale, glorious menthol cools you down.

Sun Tan Mango
Honey-dipped mango flavor explodes onto the palate with each inhale. This yummy mango flavor is juicy and tangy, satisfying you in every way. On the exhale, a menthol blast soothes your palate and your mind.

Cola Cabana
Cola Cabana eliquid is a fresh tasting cherry cola flavour that's fruity and ripe with a fizzy aftertaste. The cherry is sweet with bitter notes and is blended with a sugary cola, quickly followed by a wave of coolada on exhale - giving this ejuice an icy and smooth finish.

Guava Sunrise
Guava Sunrise eliquid is a tropical fruit medley with a rich finish. From your first inhale a guava flavour that is sweet with a ripe texture to it is blended with a juicy pineapple that has a tart edge. There’s a splash of cream to finish adding a smooth layer to this fruity vape.
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